Solomon Locke

Ex Con; Founder of the Cult of the Black Goat


Locke was raised on a farm in Central PA. His family was very Christian but he strayed from the church when he was 15. Joined a group of teens into Satanism…but really they were just making excuses to do drugs and have sex. He dropped some acid one night and had a vision of The Black Goat.

He did some studying online and found out that she is an obscure goddess called The Great Whore. According to what he read, she has appeared throughout history in various guises and been worshiped by many different cultures. She is known as the Mother of Darkness, and the Lady of Sighs. Her worship was centered around embracing your desire in its purest, most primal forms and allowing it to transform you into something more than human. In her cult, there was no good or evil, no concept of sin: all that Christians called sin was embraced as the truest representations of human potential. Her only rules were that no women, children, or animals could be harmed. Most of her cults were females but Locke was determined to join one…or create it.

He kept having dreams about The Great Whore, often waking covered with his own sweat and semen. His parents found his stash of drugs, porn, and occult books and kicked him out of the house when he was 18. He went to Pittsburgh, attended Penn State, and there met a young woman named Heather. They fell in love and he taught her everything he knew about this goddess. Together they became the first priest and high priestess of the Cult of the Black Goat in Pittsburgh.

From the time he was 20 until 22 he was a part of the cult. It started small but grew, and eventually he and Heather had the resources, connections, and money to make it all more official. They got married, and used money from their jobs as high school teachers to start an underground club called Le Chevre Noir (The Black Goat). It was an exclusive, high-end sex club where people came to indulge in their darkest fantasies. In the basement of the club, Locke and Heather had a small temple dedicated to their goddess where they conducted rites and met with their cultists every New Moon.

Something bad happened, as it always does. Locke’s father was in a hunting accident and he went home, back to Central PA to see the old man before he passed away. He was gone from Pittsburgh for a few months but when he returned, Heather had taken a new lover and usurped Locke as the priestess of the cult. Enraged, Locke went mad and busted into the club one night with a shotgun. He killed Heather’s lover and was soon arrested when the cops showed up.

Locke did time for murder and lost contact with everyone. He was sentenced to 25 years but only did 10. Some unknown benefactor pulled some strings and had him released. This person also made sure Locke had a apartment and job as a high school janitor. Locke’s been there ever since. He started having the dreams again, and someone recently sent him a letter saying that the time of the Black Goat was coming soon. He’s still waiting….

Solomon Locke

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